Canyon Cares is a 501c(3) organization whose mission is to serve our community by providing financial and support assistance to individuals and families in Coal Creek Canyon and Nederland experiencing short term financial crisis. 

Canyon Cares is not a long-term support provider, but a short-term "bridge" provider that then works with the recipient to inform them of and guide them to additional resources which can provide a more permanent solution to their needs.  We serve the needs of people in crisis in our community made up of over 5000 people.

Canyon Cares believes that our community has a responsibility to help a neighbor going through a tough time, which will then in turn make our overall community stronger. 

How we Help

Financial assistance is provided in response to community member requests for short-term crisis funding such as help with:
  •  housing
  •  heating
  •  food
  •  transportation
  •  health expenses
  •  school supplies

All requests are reviewed by the Board of Directors to understand the nature of the request, and to ensure that the funds (provided only to the creditors) will make an immediate, meaningful impact and serve as a stepping stone to the recipient finding a longer term solution to a more stable situation. 

All information is treated with absolute confidentiality.